Christmas is upon us in full swing here in Johnson County. Lights are up, windows and streets are aglow with Holiday warmth and cheer, and the weather is mild. If anyone feels like a drive for a good meal, check out Kaycee with their fantastic lighting display in the Chris Ledoux Memorial Park.  It is worth the drive.

As December is winding down, things are starting to pick up for me and my new job working for the citizens of Johnson and eastern Sheridan counties.

I have been appointed to two House Standing Committees:  Agricultural, State and Public Lands and Water Resources; and Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources.    These two committees deal with a lot of important Wyoming issues.  With my background I think these will be very interesting and relative to the way I was raised.

Veteran Skilled Nursing Facility

I sat in on the Joint House and Senate Transportation, Highways and Military Affairs committee meeting with Commissioner Bill Novotny, the Buffalo Mayor  Mike Johnson and his city council.  The committee was discussing the location of the Veteran Skilled Nursing Facility.

After about 3½ hours of discussion they voted 10 to 3 to locate the facility here in Buffalo.  We all were very happy with the vote.   It is a long way from being a sure thing as there is about 8 more hurtles before a final decision is made and sent on the to Governor for his signature.  If it could be in Buffalo next to the Veterans Home, I think it would be great for the Veterans and Buffalo.

Granny’s House Tax   

I asked the Legislative Service Office, LSO, to draft a bill that would do something to slow down the ever-increasing property tax on homes of our senior citizens.  There is a draft now and I am in the process of gathering opinions and suggestions, from here and around the state.  We need to improve the bill to a point where we could introduce it with some hope that it would pass and be sent on to the governor.  Much like the Veteran Skilled Nursing Facility, this bill has a very long road to go, but if we don’t try, nothing will be accomplished.

Bill Sponsorship

I have been asked if I would sponsor a bill to require a 48-hour waiting period before performing an abortion.  I said that I would.  The bill is yet to be drafted.

Wish you all a blessed and Merry Christmas.


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