Hello House District 40,

Our new Governor Mark Gordon was sworn in today in a very nice impressive ceremony.  We are all very proud to be working for and with him.

Learning The Ropes

Life in Cheyenne is starting to take shape.  We have spent the last 2½ days in training, learning what it expected of us as how to get a bill drafted and then the path that the bill takes as it works its way through the committee process before it goes to the floor for discussion, 3 readings there, then the bill moves to the other house and starts all over in their committees and on to the floor.  If there are differences between the two house versions, more work must be done before it is sent on to the governor for his signature or not.   It is a wonder that any bills make it into law.  All and all it probably is a good thing.  There is already over 100 bills on file and several hundred more expected.

Granny’s House

I have a bill that has been drafted and is having the legislature attorneys look at it.   It is my hope to get some legislation passed that will slow down the ever increasing taxes on senior citizens’ homes.    Many of these folks are living on fixed incomes. Tax increases are making it more and more difficult for them to continue living in their homes.   We have the first two steps behind us now with a long road ahead.  I have talked to legislators from all for corners of the state.   They all recognize that something needs to be done so I am encouraged about this moving forward.  Time will tell.

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