A couple things for you to know:
The Joint Agriculture, State and Public Lands & Water Resources Committee will be meeting in Sheridan at the College-Thorne Rider Campus Center on this Monday, June 10th and the 11th. On the agenda to be discussed will be Predator damage and control and Plant invasive species, identifying and control. On Tuesday the University of Wyoming will discuss Degree Programs; Office of State Lands and Investments will have a presentation. There is a lot of talk of how to increase the revenues from these trust lands. The meeting will start at 8:30 each morning.

On July 10th the State will be celebrating the reopening of our capitol building. It has been a 300-million-dollar project to remodel the capitol, the Hersler building and some other upgrades surrounding the capitol. They have spent a lot of money on this project but the results in restoring the historic aspects of our capitol is quite amazing. If people can take the time and make the trip it will be worth the trip.

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