Residents of Johnson County and all of House District 40.
I want to take this opportunity to let you know that last week I filed for reelection to the Wyoming House. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to have served as your representative for the past two years. The experience certainly has been educational, and I feel that I have learned a lot.
There have been some accomplishments that I am proud to have been a part of like having the Veterans Skilled Nursing facility being placed in Buffalo. Hopefully, construction will start soon. More recently, we were able to get an amendment passed that will help to protect business owners from frivolous lawsuits arising from the corona virus epidemic.
There have been disappointments with losing some good bills that I believe would have been a great benefit to Wyoming citizens. I sponsored a bill for the 48 hour waiting period for an abortion, which passed committee and the House only to have a Senator put the bill in a “drawer” and not allow it to be heard in the Senate. I was disappointed that our Governor vetoed the “Born Alive” bill which passed both houses by a wide majority. Another bill I sponsored was to limit the amount of increase in property tax from year to year. We got it though the committee process only to have the House vote it down. They also voted down Voter ID.
The House voted down an across-the-board spending cut of 1% and a second Bill cutting only .5%. Today, all you hear is they want to increase taxes in every way possible. There still is no meaningful discussion about spending cuts. I feel that State spending must be reduced significantly before there is any discussion on tax increases. I will continue to vote against all tax increases.
We need more conservative members in the State Legislature to resist increase taxes and protect our way of life of being able to make our own decisions as to how we live. I support the 2nd amendment and will oppose all “Red Flag” laws.
I would appreciate your support in the primary election.

Thank You
Richard Tass; Representative House District 40

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